Justin Bieber And Tyga Take Us Behind The Scenes Of 'Wait For A Minute' Video

Check out the set of Biebs and T-Raww's upcoming video.

Tyga and Justin Bieber already have the power to make hit records, but if they had the power to stop time, they'd be truly unstoppable. That's the concept for their new collaborative single "Wait For a Minute."

"We got some of the guys that do CGI for some of the big movies," Tyga told MTV News on Thursday night while on the song's video set in Long Beach, California. "We're freezing time and switching different worlds trying to get away from certain things -- the negative that comes with the lifestyle."

The set may not look like much; the Biebs and the Young Money rapper are surrounded by green screen and some beautiful ladies. But when it's all said and done, Tyga envisions some pretty cool effects that are inspired by "The Matrix" movie trilogy.

"I just always want to take it to another level, instead of just shooting this regular story. Just be creative and try to do something way different," T-Raww said.

The track, produced by Maejor Ali, is the first single from Tyga's upcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty LP. Justin sets things off on the slow rolling bass beat, before instructing his love to slow things down and "wait for a minute," rather than move too fast with their love affair.

"The song was actually, originally for his album. I figured we put it out," Tyga told us. "The time is now, time is of the essence, so I'll use it and we can get the dope look and shoot a video for it."

The single reminds Tyga of he and Chris Brown's #1 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop song [article id="1647194"]"Deuces."[/article]

The slow and seductive track definitely has a grown-up vibe, something that Tyga credits to the 19-year-old Biebs. "He's in his transition period. I felt like when me and Chris did 'Deuces,' it was a moment, so I felt like this would be a big moment for both of us with this song," he said.