David Banner Teams Up With Lil Wayne For 'Shawty Say' Clip, Hits The Big Screen With Ice Cube

Rapper says video is about things women say that men don't pay attention to.

While it feels like every R&B singer and rapper in the world is choosing to [article id="1589753"]put their twist on Lil Wayne's "A Milli,"[/article] David Banner went the other direction and took a piece from Weezy's [article id="1586492"]#1 single "Lollipop."[/article] Wayne's sampled lines from the record help comprise the chorus to the Mississippi marksman's "Shawty Say."

"Shawty say the n---a that she with ain't sh--/ He can't do this and he don't do that," Weezy is heard saying on the record.

"I'm very excited about it," Banner told us a couple of weeks back in Los Angeles, the day before his video shoot with Weezy.

"The concept of the video 'Shawty Say' is really about the things women say about men that a lot of times we don't pay attention to," he explained. "As a brother, I just wanna articulate what the ladies are saying to me in a way that men could actually embrace it. So what we going around doing is seeing the men who ain't treating their women right and we're pulling them aside and interrogating them. 'This is what your woman is saying. You need to go home before somebody scoop her.' "

Wayne is one of the myriad of guests on Banner's next LP, [article id="1586852"]The Greatest Story Ever Told.[/article] Weezy actually appears twice on the project, which drops Tuesday. Jim Jones, Akon, Chris Brown, Yung Joc, UGK, Snoop Dogg, Chamillionaire and Carl Thomas also contributed.

On the acting side, Banner, who has dedicated himself to physical fitness in recent years, just finished parts in the films "The Longshots" with Ice Cube and "Days of Wrath," starring and .