Hey Ariana Grande? The Right Side Of Your Face Is Pretty Awesome, Too

We're smitten with this revealing selfie.

Most of us -- save astronauts -- will never see the other side of the moon, the so-called "dark side," as Pink Floyd has dubbed it. It's an elusive place -- one full of mystery and untold beauties.

Well, today, friends, we're all astronauts -- face astronauts... Ariana astronauts -- as we're now finally privy to a side of Ariana Grande previously unseen: the right side of her face.

Rejoice! For the "Problem" singer has bestowed upon us that most mysterious and awe-inspiring of gifts: a selfie depicting her other cheek.

There have been many rumors lately -- ones Ariana has all but shut down with grace and aplomb -- that the powerhouse singer prefers being photographed only from the left.

Well, we're hear to tell you, Ariana, after seeing the fabled "other side" via selfie: If you are, indeed, feeling any trepidation... Let it shine lady! Let the glowing apple orb of your cheek into the sunshine and light! Toss your epic pony over your opposite shoulder and, to use your words, "Break Free", because you -- both sides of you -- are equally beautiful.

We'll love you either way -- it doesn't matter if you're left or right.