Nicki Minaj On 'SportsCenter' Is Everything We've Ever Wanted

She just needs a *few* more pointers on her throwing mechanics.

Nicki Minaj is everywhere these days, but we're certainly not complaining!

On her latest promotional stunt, Nicki dropped by ESPN's SportsCenter on Friday to share personal details about her album, talk sports, and discuss her favorite athletes.

"I used to like Allen Iverson. Can he come back?" she asked Mayne when they were discussing sports.

And later, when discussing The Pinkprint, Nicki shared the deep, personal background behind her new songs. "It's really emotional love stories and all these amazing things I've gone through for the last year, put on one album," she said.

She even took time to throw around some pigskin. From the looks of it, we doubt Nicki will be drafted anytime soon, but if she is, we hope she maintains her seriously on point touchdown dance. It's certainly celebratory in our eyes!