Raekwon And Ghostface Killah Are Turning A Classic Album Into A Movie

'The Purple Tape Files' will explore one of hip-hop's great albums.

In 1995, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah joined forces to create what would become one of hip-hop's classic albums, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (though it was officially a Rae solo album, Ghost appeared on all but three songs, and is featured on the album cover, as well). Now, as the project's 20th anniversary approaches, they're releasing a documentary to commemorate the work.

The Wu-Tang Clan members previewed the film, "The Purple Tape Files," at Sundance over the weekend.

"Most importantly, it's about the people being able to get all the answers that they wanted when they heard this album," Rae told Complex. "To go back to that time. 'Cause we was young boys. We was in our prime."

"Twenty years later, it's like, it's time for you to see this film," he added. "To go into the file cabinets of how this was made. And we wanted to do it organic."

You can get more info at the film's official site.