Jesse McCartney Breaks Down His New Album... In Emojis

The pop singer describes 'In Technicolor' with some help from the smiling face with sunglasses.

Nearly 10 years since he dropped his debut solo LP Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney is back with In Technicolor.

Undoubtedly, a lot has changed in the last decade, so when we asked the singer to break down his latest project, we thought it would be appropriate to incorporate a trend that screams 2014: Emojis.

"I do use Emojis," Jesse replied when asked if he dabbles in the text message icons. He then rattled off a list of the smiley face inspired characters including the one wearing sunglasses (check out the vid to see his other picks).

Spoiler alert: he did not mention the paint palette, which we thought would have been an obvious choice based on the name of the title track. Instead he used his words to describe the song:

"'In Technicolor,' I had a theory, and I still have this theory that we're all on planet Earth for a very short amount of time, as everyone knows, and basically we're here and we're searching for that one person that validates you or see you for what you're worth. And until you find that person, your life is black and white, and that person puts the color in your world," he said. "So, 'In Technicolor' is a song that was written in two parts for this album and basically says that a lot more eloquently and in a cool way on the album and just kind of has that retro sound to it so I think it matched the record musically as well."

Besides the subject of love, Jesse pulled inspiration from the music he grew up listening to when making the rest of the record.

"If anyone had, like I had, a daily diet of [Michael Jackson] or Prince or any of the music from the late '70s, early '80s, this album was sort of the tip of the hat for that time in music," he explained. "I think in terms of pop music that was some of the best music ever made, or pop music ever made was during that time and so I kind of wanted to do something that was a reflection of what I grew up listening to as a kid and so I made In Technicolor."

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