Jessica Simpson Solves Age-Old Mystery: Chicken Of The Sea Is Tuna

'Newlyweds' star visited company headquarters to confirm cans' contents.

As scientists continue the age-old debate of what came first, the chicken or the egg, Jessica Simpson has discovered the answer to a question as equally puzzling -- at least for her. Is Chicken of the Sea chicken or tuna?

Simpson had husband Nick Lachey's assertion on the now notorious "Newlyweds" episode that it was in fact tuna verified Monday when she stopped by the company's San Diego headquarters.

"Back in 1914, when the company was known by another name, we were the first to can 'light' tuna," Chicken of the Sea senior vice president of marketing Don George told Simpson. "So consumers would know to expect a mild-flavored white fish -- that tasted similar to chicken -- the company marketed it under the name Chicken of the Sea. It was such a success that the company eventually adopted the product name."

Along with clearing up the issue for the singer, who eats the tuna in her new "With You" video, Chicken of the Sea presented her with a basket of tuna and trinkets, including an apron.

Simpson responded by declaring her allegiance to the product and backing up their reasoning for the name.

"I will be a consumer forever," she said, laughing. "I will be because normally I don't like fish, but it tastes so much like chicken."

George said Chicken of the Sea is interested in Simpson being a spokesperson for the product, but nothing is official yet.

The company scheduled the celebrity visit during a staff meeting to discuss a new, chunkier chunk tuna, which will be available next year.

Simpson's question about the content of Chicken of the Sea was one of several memorable comments captured on "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," such as when she suggested Buffalo wings are made of buffalo meat.

The singer has been criticized for her smarts, but has taken it in stride and has signed on for a second season (see [article id="1479823"]"Jessica Simpson Is Going To Harvard -- No, Really"[/article]).

"I love how people think her comments are so stupid, because she's such a bright girl," Ashlee Simpson, Jessica's sister and "Seventh Heaven" star, said in her defense. "If you were to follow anybody around, everybody makes stupid comments. Jessica doesn't care; she doesn't let stuff like that get to her. She's like, 'Cool, if you think I'm funny.' "

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