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Is This Trailer The First Preview Of Benedict Cumberbatch's Oscar Win?

'The Imitation Game' tells the story of computer pioneer Alan Turing.

This one has "Oscar" written all over it.

In "The Imitation Game," Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the man who simultaneously broke the code of the Nazi Enigma machine and established some of the earliest theories of computer science and artificial intelligence, Alan Turing.

While the trailer would suggest something entirely different, another important and tragic element of Turing's story was his persecution by the British government because of his homosexuality.

Despite the preview setting up a romance between Turing and Keira Knightley's character, the illegal act referred to by Jimmy from "Downton Abbey" is homosexual behavior, which was illegal in England in 1952 when Turing was arrested. He was eventually chemically castrated and died shortly afterward.

It's a harrowing story and one that Cumberbatch appears to have done a great job bringing to life.

"The Imitation Game" opens in theaters on November 21.