DJ Khaled Is Sure The Spurs Cheated To Beat Miami Heat -- The Streets Told Him So

The great air conditioner scandal that rocked the 2014 NBA Finals.

Is there any better hype man than DJ Khaled out there? If you think the answer is yes, you'll have a hard time proving it after watching this video. Khaled made an appearance on ESPN's "First Take" on Tuesday (June 10) to discuss the NBA Finals, and he was pretty much willing to put all reason aside, when it came to defending the Miami Heat.

The Heat lost to the San Antonio Spurs in game 1 of the NBA Finals, thanks in part to LeBron James missing the final few minutes of the game because of severe cramps. Heat fans cried foul, blaming a broken air conditioning system for the team's suffering, and Khaled is really sticking with that story.

"They won that one game because they were cheaters," Khaled said pointing a finger. "They won but they cheated -- see they practiced with no [AC]." And his source on that information? "The Streets." Of course.

A few seconds later, that was followed by the drop for his latest single, "They Don't Love You No More," and then more of this: "I respect everyone, but I can't respect somebody turning the AC off and cheating. I can't do it. And The Streets is saying 'they cheated.' "

Quotables for days. Pause at the 21-second mark to enjoy Skip Bayless' reaction.