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You Don't Have To Wait For This Awesome 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

Pacey and Dawson, together again!

2015 has been a banner year for cast reunions. From "Full House" to "Lizzie McGuire," some of our favorite TV casts have gotten back together -- and thankfully documented everything on social media for our nostalgia-loving hearts.

Now, we can add the beloved WB teen drama "Dawson's Creek" to the list of squeal-worthy cast reunions. James Van Der Beek (Dawson) and Joshua Jackson (Pacey) reunited while promoting their new shows at the Television Critics Association press tour -- and they took the most charming photo ever. And Stephen Colbert is in it, too! Who needs Joey Potter? No one! (Sorry, Katie Holmes.)

James was promoting season 2 of his CBS show, "CSI: Cyber," while Josh was there to promote the second season of his critically acclaimed Showtime series, "The Affair."

Needless to say, life after Capeside has been pretty great for these guys.