'The Flash': Grant Gustin Is So Done With The Internet Bashing Ezra Miller

'Everyone chill and be nice.'

Twitter is a magical place. It allows you to chat with your favorite celebs, but it also makes it easier to throw shade. On Thursday (Jan. 21), the star of TV's "The Flash," Grant Gustin, shared a long message with fans on his Twitter account. He was upset people were "putting words in his mouth," by saying he was unsupportive of his TV character being portrayed by Ezra Miller in the upcoming movies, "The Justice League Part One" and "The Flash."

Sometimes people lose themselves to fandom, and don't always realize what they're saying can be hurtful. Thankfully, Gustin bluntly set the record straight, but did so with class and respect.

Bottom line: Gustin is totally down with Miller taking on the film-version of his Barry Allen/The Flash role. If the TV Flash is fine with the casting, why isn't everyone else? Of course Gustin would've liked being in the movies (who wouldn't?) but that doesn't mean he's bad-mouthing Miller behind his back.

Gustin clearly stated he did not like any tweets that "bashed Ezra" and he doesn't support that type of behavior. The world can be a cruel enough place as it is, so let's not add to the cruelness with petty arguments and internet bashing. Instead, let's all just "chill and be nice," as Gustin put it.

And if you still need convincing that Miller will do The Flash justice — pun intended — then check out why he'll totally own in the upcoming DC films.

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