'Kardashians' Star Scott Disick Puts Vinny's Uncle Nino 'In His Place'

'He gave me some sh--, then I gave it right back to him,' Nino tells MTV News about one of tonight's 'Show With Vinny' guests.

In an all-new episode of "The Show with Vinny" tonight (May 9) at 10p.m. on MTV, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Scott Disick leaves a lasting impression on [article id="1706742"]Vinny Guadagnino and his family[/article].

"Out of all the guests ... the nuttiest was Scott Disick," the "Jersey Shore" star's Uncle Nino told MTV News. "He gave me some sh--, then I gave it right back to him."

During their dinner together, Vinny's mom Paola said not only does Kourtney's baby daddy put Nino "in his place," but that he really showed an appreciation for a particular part of their meal as well. "He kept asking for more wine," she laughed.

"He drank, like, four or five bottles of wine," Nino confirmed.

Vinny Answers Your Questions About Celebs, Girls And Uncle Nino.

Although he downed nearly a half-dozen jugs of Uncle Nino's vino, during a sneak peek of tonight's show, you learn Disick is all about the give-and-take. When Vinny confesses that he'd "like to be a little more GQ," Disick lends Vinny some extra duds he just happens to have laying around his Rolls Royce.

"I love this; I look like Scott Disick, everybody!" Vinny laughed as he strutted around his bedroom wearing Disick's powder-pink pants and periwinkle sweater wrapped around his shoulders. "I think I look like a tool bag a little bit."

And if you didn't think things could get any more fun, think again. Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice also swings by the house for dinner, and she also makes an extra-special trip to Staten Island's biggest (and only) amusement park.

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