Watch Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Duet On Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’

They clearly know they crushed this cover

It appears Shawn Mendes has been holding out on us.

On Monday morning (March 27), the Illuminate singer posted an old video of him and his “I Know What You Did Last Summer” collaborator, Camila Cabello, duetting on Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me.” The black-and-white vid shows them harmonizing on the doe-eyed ditty’s tender hook, as he strums away on the guitar. “I love the ‘killed that’ face we both make at the end,” he wrote on Instagram.

Yes, it’s a cute video. Yes, they obviously sound great together. But the real question is: What other musical treasures does Mendes have hidden on his iPhone that he’s not sharing with us?! Sharing is caring, dude!

Apparently, Mendes has been on a serious Sheeran kick lately — just yesterday, he posted another video of him gently singing the Divide singer’s recent ballad “Perfect.” It’s ... well ... pretty perfect itself. No surprise there.

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