Here’s Where Beyoncé’s ‘Take His Ass To Red Lobster’ Line Came From

Mike WiLL Made-It reveals how ‘Formation’ was born

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is chock-full of lyrical gems. Phrases like “hot sauce in my bag” and “tell ’em boy, bye” now feel like normal things to say, but before Bey, they didn’t exist. “I take his ass to Red Lobster,” for example, was a little different when “Formation” first started out.

The hit single was born in a car ride to Coachella, when producer Mike WiLL Made-It and co-songwriters Rae Sremmurd were messing around and freestyling. That’s where “get in formation” originated. Then when they hit the studio to record, Slim Jxmmi — one-half of the Sremmurd hip-hop duo — thought up this gutsy line: “If you fuck me good, I’ll take your ass to Margiela.” (Maison Margiela is a luxury fashion designer based in France.)

“Beyoncé had already reached out to me to send some music and then I had sent a couple ideas,” Mike WiLL told Red Bull Music Academy in an interview posted Thursday (December 8). She must’ve loved it, because she was inspired to change Margiela to Red Lobster when she wrote the rest of the verses.


It’s for the best, really. Fancy clothes are great and all, but have you ever had Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits? Those things are DELICIOUS. Beyoncé knows.

Watch Mike WiLL Made-It's full interview below. He starts talking about "Formation" circa 1:31.

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