Here Are The First Four Songs Of Harry Styles' Solo Career

Harry's keeping busy during One Direction's hiatus.

Loyal Directioners might holding onto hope that One Direction's remaining foursome will emerge whole from the band's (supposedly) temporary hiatus -- hey, it's happened before -- but it looks like Zayn Malik isn't the only one who's working up a solo career right now.

Brace for many conflicting feelings, fan fam.

Harry Styles, whose songwriting activity listed with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers has always been a point of extensive interest, has now registered four songs listing himself as the sole performer on the numbers (which he also co-wrote with guitarist John McDaid and producer Gary Go).

The track titles for Styles' batch of solo singles are as follows:

1. "5378 Miles"

2. "Already Home"

3. "Coco"

4. "Endlessly"

Already the fan theories about these track titles are flowing. For example, one Tumblr user claims that there are 5,378 miles between Los Angeles, CA and Styles' home nation, the UK.

Plus, there's a potentially non-coincidental resemblance between the second track and "Home," which was written by Louis Tomlinson (at least, the Larry Stylinson 'shippers would like to think so).

Styles' writer credits on the ASCAP site are quite prolific -- he's got 40 credits to-date, yes, even under his real name this time.

But his performer tab is a little more sparse, seeing as he was part of a group for all of the previous songs he'd done as part of 1D.


ASCAP Harry Styles

Note: None of the other members (current or former) are currently listed on the site as individual performers with registered titles.

Perhaps tellingly, Harry Styles has also made another huge move by covering up his arm tattoo of the phrase "Things I Can" with new ink of an eagle, as sleuthed up by fans (via E! Online). He'd previously covered up the other arm's converse "Things I Can't" ink with an image of the Bible.

So many changes, so little time. How do we feel, guys? Happy that we're getting some new Harry Style vocal stylings (yayyyy!), sad that the rest of the squad'll be noticeably absent from the new jams (frowny face), or somewhere in between?