Fugazi To Tour East Coast

Three weeks of December shows scheduled from Rhode Island to Florida.

Punk-rock torchbearers Fugazi will tour the East Coast next month.

The three-week series of shows begins Dec. 2 in Providence, R.I. The

experimental and improvisational group likely will draw from a range of

material, such as the crowd favorite "Waiting Room" (RealAudio

excerpt) and "Place Position" (RealAudio

excerpt), from last year's End Hits.

"It's really important that everyone in the band be really well-rehearsed

on every single record and every single song," singer/guitarist Guy Picciotto

said last year. "It becomes like a game: You try to pull one up that you

haven't played in four or five shows, just to see if everyone's still on

top of it."

Monday (Nov. 22) saw the release of 1986, an album of 13-year-old

recordings by Picciotto and drummer Brendan Canty's pre-Fugazi band, One

Last Wish.

Earlier this year, Fugazi released Instrument Soundtrack, a companion

LP to "Instrument," a documentary about the band's first decade.

In keeping with the band's tradition, tickets for the tour are priced in

the $5 to $7 range.

Fugazi tour dates:

Dec. 2; Providence, R.I.; Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Dec. 3; New York, N.Y.; Roxy

Dec. 4; Philadelphia, Pa.; Electric Factory

Dec. 5; Washington, D.C.; 9:30 Club

Dec. 7; Charlottesville, Va.; Trax

Dec. 8; Raleigh, N.C.; Ritz

Dec. 9; Charlotte, N.C.; Tremont Music Hall

Dec. 10; Savannah, Ga.; Cafe Metropol

Dec. 11; Gainesville, Fla.; Brick City

Dec. 12; Orlando, Fla.; The Firestone

Dec. 13; Miami, Fla.; TBA

Dec. 15; Tampa, Fla.; The Masquerade

Dec. 16; Tallahassee, Fla.; The Moon

Dec. 17; Atlanta, Ga.; The Masquerade

Dec. 18; Athens, Ga.; 40 Watt

Dec. 19; Knoxville, Tenn.; TBA

Dec. 20; Nashville, Tenn.; 328 Performance Hall

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