DMX Did Not Dance Out Of Court, His Lawyer Says

Rapper did, however, push his movie and upcoming album.

On Tuesday, a judge in the New York State Supreme Court granted a request by DMX's defense team to have the case against him -- for allegedly violating the terms of his conditional release -- adjourned, and perhaps in celebration of that decision, the rapper may (or may not) have danced right out of court.

According to an Associated Press report, X "hammed it up for the media" outside the Queens Criminal Court building, even going so far as to break into an impromptu boogie on the courtroom steps. But attorney Murray Richman denied that his client was gloating.

"The reporters asked him to pose for some pictures, and so he did," Richman told MTV News. "He didn't do a dance out of the courthouse. I was walking right beside him."

Murray would not deny reports that DMX used the impromptu press conference to promote his upcoming endeavors, including his next film, "Last Hours," and his next album, the divinely inspired Here We Go Again (see [article id="1502925"]"Mase Advises DMX To Rap Again, Wait For The Lord's Call"[/article]).

X, born Earl Simmons, is charged with violating the terms of his conditional release stemming from a June 24, 2004, incident at New York's Kennedy International Airport in which he claimed to be a federal agent and allegedly tried to steal a car. On December 8, he pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless endangerment and was sentenced to a conditional discharge (see [article id="1494639"]"DMX Pleads Guilty To DUI And Reckless Endangerment"[/article]).

Of course, under the discharge, he was supposed to stay out of trouble with the law, but two separate driving-related brushes with the law landed him in front of Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt (see [article id="1507175"]"DMX Faces Jail For Violating Release Conditions"[/article]).

On Tuesday (October 11), Chin-Brandt granted a request by X's defense to have the rapper's trial moved to October 25. But whether or not the case will make it that far remains to be seen: Richman confirmed reports that he was in discussions with Queens District Attorney Richard Brown about his client's case, though he would not comment on what those discussions are about (various reports claim that the two sides are attempting to reach an agreement).

"I have nothing else to say about my client or this case," Richman said. "Some reports you can take as fact, but others, which have my client dancing down the steps of a courthouse, you have to take with a grain of salt."

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