Megan Fox Opens Up About Michael Bay, 'Transformers' In 2009 Interview

'You get addicted to the Bay-hem,' Fox tells MTV News of shooting blockbusters vs. 'quieter' films.

Depending on whom you believe, either [movie id="422131"]"Transformers 3"[/movie] filmmakers [article id="1639605"]dropped Megan Fox[/article] from the upcoming film or [article id="1639627"]the actress up and quit the production[/article] of her own accord. What is clear is that Fox and director Michael Bay have long formed an uneasy creative partnership.

"Working with Michael Bay is not about an acting experience," Fox once said.

Bay didn't let such statements fly by without a response: "Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in 'Transformers.' "

Before their working relationship fell apart -- last summer, when "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" had torn up the box office and Fox was busy promoting her horror flick "Jennifer's Body" -- the actress spoke openly with MTV News about working with Bay. She spoke about his directorial style, doing stunt work and her confidence as a professional. For the first time, here is Megan Fox, in her own words, on all these things and more.

On Making Big-Budget Blockbusters

"You get addicted to those big action movies. You get addicted to the Bay-hem. You step away from it, and you're relieved and you're relaxed and you do something that's quieter and you feel like you're really working on it and you're fleshing out and figuring things out. But then you sort of miss that abuse."

On Bay as a Director

"['Jennifer's Body'] wasn't so fast-paced and it wasn't so constantly chaotic [as 'Transformers']. ... Continuity is a big part of film. Things need to match from previous scenes, because you shoot everything out of order. 'Transformers,' there's no continuity in that movie at all."

On What's Surprising About Bay

"He actually has a really good sense of humor. You'd never know that about him, but he's really funny, so he could do a comedy if he wanted to."

On Doing Stunts

"I love physical stuff. That makes the acting part easier for me. If you're throwing someone around or getting thrown around, or if you're efforting that much or hurting yourself, you don't have to feign the process. I enjoy that."

On Her Behavior During a Movie Shoot

"I never cause problems on set. I become like a vampire, and I hide in my hotel room."

On Confidence and Failure

"It's easy to be confident when you've never failed before. Then you try something and you're not good at it, or you fail or you suck or people have something sh--ty to say, and then you are a little less secure. Or at least that's how it works with me. I think that's how it works with most people in this industry."

On Her Hopes for the Future

"I have aspirations to keep working and keep improving. I don't have a specific type of movie that I want to do or a specific director I want to work with. I just want to keep working."

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