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Exclusive: Paul Bettany Is Red With Anger in this Clip from 'Blood'


What happens when a detective has to investigate a crime he himself has committed? Now multiply that by two, and add a couple of other characters who exacerbate the already sticky situation.

This is the predicament that detective brothers Joe Fairburn (Paul Bettany) and Chrissie Fairburn (Stephen Graham) find themselves in when they take an interrogation a step too far in the upcoming film, "Blood". The two brothers were brought up by their police chief father (Brian Cox), a domineering man who is known for doing whatever it takes to get a confession. After the detectives overstep their bounds, they raise the suspicions of their colleague (Mark Strong) and are faced with the daunting task of covering up their own crimes.

Check out this exclusive clip from the film, aptly titled "Crime Scene," in which the Fairburn brothers investigate the — yes, bloody — murder of a young woman.

"Blood" is on iTunes and VOD now, it hits theaters Aug. 9th and will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray starting Sept. 10th.