Nick Jonas Gives Exclusive Update On Solo Tour

'They were really happy for me and it means the world,' Nick says of his brothers' opinion of his show.

Nick Jonas just kicked off his solo [article id="1627280"]tour with his side project, the Administration[/article], and hopes to see family and friends in the audience while he's on the trek. However, friend and "Camp Rock" co-star Demi Lovato tweeted she'd be too sick to come see him play his first show in Dallas.

"I think she's going to try and come out to the L.A. show. She wrote and was like, 'So sorry, can't make it.' She was feeling under the weather," he explained to MTV News while checking in from the road in Nashville. "It's all good. I will see her again I'm sure. You can't help when you get sick."

After all, Nick certainly understands -- back [article id="1625799"]in November he had to cancel a show[/article] with his brothers when he came down with an infection. Now he insists he's healthy again. "I'm feeling great, feeling healthy, ready to rock," he said.

Thankfully, this tour for his first solo effort, [article id="1627922"]Who I Am[/article], is running smoothly so far. "I thought it was great," he said about the first show in Dallas. "It's kind of hard to believe it's all happening, to think I'm on tour now is an incredible thing ... after that was done I realized I'm going to be on the road for the month.

"I think it is [sinking in] now that I have seen my tour bus," he continued. "And people are starting to get more familiar with the material ... [Also the fan response has] been great so far, and seeing them and pouring my heart into this performance every night is a lot of fun."

With the entire month of January booked, Jonas has time to perfect his new material with the band, but notes that he's already comfortable with [article id="1627627"]"Rose Garden"[/article] and the band's first single [article id="1627566"]"Who I Am."[/article]

" 'Rose Garden' was a lot of fun. 'Who I Am' was amazing, and then we took some Jonas songs and we kind of made them our own. 'Inseparable' ... it was a good one."

Jonas added that [article id="1627522"]his brothers couldn't help but gush[/article] about his performance. "They were so proud of me," he said. "They were really happy for me and it means the world."

Nick Jonas will be giving MTV News exclusive updates every Monday during his solo tour! We'll also have loads of our usual Jonas Brothers coverage, so check back regularly!

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