Renewing Vows: Irene Said 'I Do' (Again) On 'The Real World'

Fittingly, her roommates were present for the love-filled day

Irene was the first Real World cast member to have their wedding featured on the groundbreaking reality series. And now, nearly 30 years later, she said "I do" once again in front of the MTV cameras at a luxurious location.

"Back in '93, I got married on the show," she stated during this week's Homecoming episode about her ceremony and reception to Tim. "What better way to celebrate my new marriage than to renew our vows here on this beautiful yacht?"

But before Irene and her husband Phil professed their love to each other, she opened up about her marital history -- and divulged something that she had not even told her roommates or producers back in the day.

"I was actually married before I came on the show -- I married my high school sweetheart right out of high school. So I was already a divorced woman coming into the show," she explained to a chorus of "wows" before adding that she and her teenage beau got hitched in Las Vegas.


But back to her second marriage: Irene and Tim were husband and wife for nine years, and she added he is a great father to their children. But the couple ultimately realized that they did not "have a whole lot in common," and she did not want her kids "to grow up in a house with no love." Irene was with her third husband for 13 years, but they too divorced. She admitted saw red flags mere weeks into dating, and it was due to his drinking.

But Irene's life changed forever in December 2017 when she met a "handsome man with blue eyes" on Bumble. They have been together since, and she called him her "soulmate."

"I couldn't be happier," she gushed. "The best part of all is my kids love him. I would marry him a hundred times over."


Well, count wedding #2 between Irene and Phil in the books. Phil happily joined the cast on a yacht, Jon officiated the ceremony and the roommates were once again a part of the beaming lady in white's wedding. However, this time it was on a luxurious boat -- in 2021.


"I think we should do that once a year," the bride stated, with the groom adding, "not always on TV, though." We understand, Mr. and Mrs.!

Offer your congrats (again) to Irene and Phil -- and be sure to keep watching The Real World: Homecoming: Los Angeles, with new episodes available every Wednesday only on Paramount+.