'Dead Space 2' Guide To Suits, Weapons And More

Like the original game, "Dead Space 2" is packed with gear to purchase and upgrade throughout the game. The sequel actually has a bit more to collect and boost, which means you might be torn on where to spend your hard-earned cash and power nodes. This guide should make things a little easier, as we'll be giving the rundown on all of the suits and weapons you can find in the game, as well as which are the best for making it through Zealot and even Hard Core mode.

NOTE: We'll be updating this feature as more gear is discovered, including any new content from the upcoming DLC pack.





Unlike the original "Dead Space," which saw Isaac mostly just adding armor to his existing suit, "Dead Space 2" has a handful of vastly different-looking suits, each of which carries with it some benefits for taking down the necromorph hordes.

If you want to make sure you don't miss any of the suits, you'll want to open up the different power node doors you come across throughout the game. Apart from netting a bunch of cash and ammo, some of the basic suit schematics are found behind these doors.

Once you complete the game, elite versions of each of the suits can be unlocked in New Game +. These have different statistics and color schemes.


Name: Engineering Suit

Description: The first suit you'll unlock will look familiar to veterans of the series. It bears a striking resemblance to Isaac's engineering suit from "Dead Space 1."

Benefits: 10 inventory slots, 5% armor


Name: Elite Engineering Suit

Benefits: 25 inventory slots, 25% armor, 15% increase in med pack effectiveness.


Name: Security Suit

Description: The second suit in the game looks much more futuristic than your basic engineering suit.

Benefits: 15 inventory slots, 10% armor, 5% bonus damage with pulse rifle.


Name: Elite Security Suit

Benefits: 25 inventory slots, 25% armor, 15% bonus damage with javelin gun.


Name: Vintage Suit

Description: The third suit is a steampunk-style throwback to the original engineering suit design. Think NASA in 1969.

Benefits: 20 inventory slots, 15% armor, 10% discount on store purchases.


Name: Elite Vintage Suit

Benefits: 25 inventory slots, 15% armor, 15% discount on store purchases.


Name: Advanced Suit

Description: The final suit in the game is the best of the best, and looks like something ripped out of Time Cop.

Benefits: 25 inventory slots, 20% armor, 50% reduced stasis recharge time.


Name: Elite Advanced Suit

Benefits: 25 inventory slots, 25% armor, 10% damage to all weapons, 15% increase in stasis duration


As you can probably guess, weapons are important in "Dead Space 2." You're likely to find that some weapons are more useful for battling undead flesh than others, however. Apart from basic descriptions of each of the games weapons, we'll be listing that weapon's overall usefulness.

If you're looking to collect all of the weapons in the game, be sure to open up any power node doors you come across, as they often contain schematics for new weapons, along with large caches of money and ammo.

NAME: Plasma Cutter

DESCRIPTION: Returning from the original "Dead Space," the plasma cutter acts as a pistol which can cut the limbs off your enemies with ease. Secondary fire rotates the aiming mechanism, allowing you to fire horizontal or vertical shots, depending on your target.

USEFULNESS: Very, very useful. Arguably the most versatile weapon in the game, the plasma pistol can handle many different situations and becomes devastating once upgraded. Never leave home without it.

NAME: Line Gun

DESCRIPTION: Like the plasma cutter, but with a much wider attack line. Secondary fire unleashes a powerful, timed explosive.

USEFULNESS: Rather useful for large, heavy enemies, as you can take out multiple limbs with one shot. Slow-moving enemies can also be devastated by the secondary fire. Limited, expensive ammo means you'll have to pick your shots, though.

NAME: Pulse Rifle

DESCRIPTION: Basically an assault rifle which can take out crowds of small enemies very quickly. The secondary fire has changed since "Dead Space 1," and now fires a grenade projectile, causing a large swath of splash damage.

USEFULNESS: My personal favorite for crowd-control, especially with small enemies. Upgrade the clip size and you'll be able to make it through large encounters without having to reload. Ammo is plentiful and cheap.

NAME: Javelin Gun

DESCRIPTION: A gun which fires highly-damaging spears. Secondary fire causes the last fired spear to electrocute nearby enemies.

USEFULNESS: Slow fire and reload times makes this good for large, predictable enemies. The secondary burst can take out smaller packs, but it can be risky as you can become surrounded very easily. Good for long range.


Continued from Part 1...

NAME: Detonator

DESCRIPTION: Allows you to place proximity mines which, when tripped, cause big splash damage. Secondary fire simply deactivates mines you've already placed so that you can collect them again.

USEFULNESS: Tremendously useful, but only in specific circumstances. When defending a specific point, for example, the detonator can guard entrances without you having to worry about them. Basically this is a must-have for battles where you can prepare before the onslaught begins.

NAME: Contact Beam

DESCRIPTION: Fires a single, highly-damaging, charged shot at an enemy. Useful against large, slow enemies. Secondary fire causes nearby enemies to be knocked off their feet.

USEFULNESS: Not very. It's rare you're only fighting a single, large enemy, and even in the cases where you are, the secondary fire from the line gun is plenty effective.

NAME: Force Gun

DESCRIPTION: Basically a shotgun. The primary fire on the force gun emits a close-range blast of kinetic energy, sending enemies back and oftentimes blowing limbs off. Secondary fire is the same idea, but at longer ranges. The spread is much more narrow, though.

USEFULNESS: Arguably the best close-range gun in the game, the force gun is good option when you're surrounded by enemies. At range, though, it's pretty useless, as the secondary fire attack does very little damage.

NAME: Flamethrower

DESCRIPTION: It's, well, a flamethrower. Primary fire shoots out a stream of flames, while secondary fire launches an incendiary grenade.

USEFULNESS: Another good pick for close-range, as it can stun just about any enemy, and make short work of crowds of smaller enemies. Just be wary of the long reload time, as you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by killer babies.

NAME: Ripper

DESCRIPTION: Primary fire causes a spinning blade to hover in front of Isaac, which you can then maneuver into enemy limbs for a few seconds. Secondary fire shoots a blade like a projectile.

USEFULNESS: Like the flamethrower, the ripper can make short work of smaller enemies in your vicinity, and can take down one or two larger enemies if you're quick with your blade movement. Definitely takes some getting used to, though.

NAME: Seeker Rifle

DESCRIPTION: It's a sniper rifle, pure and simple. While it's not very good at cutting limbs, it deals tremendous damage to anything it hits. Alternate fire allows you to zoom in on a target, dealing even more damage.

USEFULNESS: For single enemies at long range, there's no better weapon. It's awful at dealing with more than one enemy at a time, though, thanks to a small clip size and long reload time.

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