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Bad Bunny And J Balvin Asked The VMAs One Question: '¿Qué Pretendes?'

They gave us cartoon cacti and dancing blowup creatures

Is there any better way to keep a show going than by asking viewers, “What do you want?” — and then delivering that and more?

That’s exactly what Colombian reggaetón artist J Balvin and Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny did during their VMA performance on Monday, August 26 of “Qué Pretendes,” a goodbye to an ex who just won’t leave, from their LP Oasis.

In the official video, the musicians were in an urban jungle with plenty of style to spare — J Balvin with his tiger-printed buzz cut and Bad Bunny with his signature surgical mask. The live performance was a little different: Instead of a jungle, the artists, clad in oversized bodysuits, were surrounded by cartoon cacti and dancing blowup creatures. Both artists performed flawlessly, impeccably singing their song while floating up and down above the stage. 

In the chart-topping song that shows off both musicians’ vocal ranges, J Balvin sings: “Sabes qué hacer muy bien para envolverme/Pero esta vez es muy tarde ya,” or, in English: “You know very well how to wrap me up/But this time, it’s already too late.” Bad Bunny responds: “De Snapchat te borré, de Facebook te borré,” or, in English: “I erased you on Snapchat, I erased you on Facebook, I erased you from my life.”

J Balvin pretty much summed up our feelings about the performance months ago when, according to Telemundo, on a recent Beats 1 broadcast, he said: “Do you know what an oasis is? Those beautiful places that stand out in the middle of dryness… You see it and go: ‘That’s special … That’s different’ … And the way you write it is the same in English and Spanish.”

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