'Breaking Bad' Finally Has A Music Video, Thanks To Steve Aoki

Aoki plays Walter White with Machine Gun Kelly as Jessie Pinkman in new vid.

We've always known that Steve Aoki and "Breaking Bad" had a special connection. From Jessie sporting Aoki's face on a T-shirt in one episode, to Aaron Paul casually crowd-surfing in a blow-up raft during an Aoki DJ set -- the bond has always been strong.

With Aoki's "Free The Madness" video out, he has made another, much larger, public tribute to the widely adored show by impersonating Walter White himself, with Machine Gun Kelly as his Jessie Pinkman-esque sidekick. The two trek through the desert together in hazmat suits and gas masks (a green button-up and khakis for Aoki, a hooded sweatshirt and baggy jeans for Jessie... I mean MGK), hitting their mobile-home meth lab to get to work.

The whole video serves as a fun tribute to the show (Aoki even wears the official Heisenberg Hat on their ride down what looks like Walter White's street). But the end of the video strays from any story arc we remember. Aoki and MGK come face to face with a group of little girls in Girl Scout uniforms, who seem to be on a mission to stop them from dealing what appears to be blue meth cookies. Let's just say the little girls win.

Check out the whole video here.