Emma Stone's British Accent Amuses 'Spider-Man' Star Andrew Garfield

"Amazing Spider-Man" actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield learned a lot from one another during their time on set, but perhaps the greatest skill Stone took away from Garfield is a suitable British accent.

The MTV Trailblazer winner spoke with MTV News at the recent "Spider-Man" junket and revealed that in addition spending her time swinging alongside the amazing superhero as Gwen Stacy, she spent plenty of energy on imitating Garfield's voice.

"I’ve been working on it," she confessed in her best British accent. "I do it all the time, I’ve been working on it all the time, and it’s so annoying."

Hey, she's not half bad! Even Garfield had to admit that Emma's accent is pretty good.

"It’s not bad, I know. I would never say this to her face, but it’s not bad," he said. "I always try and discourage whenever she does it, but between you and I — and obviously the people who watch this interview — she can do it pretty well."

Encouraging words to say the least, but encouraging enough to get Emma to bust out the British accent in an upcoming movie? According to the "Help" actress, she's very game.

"I’ve never done it [in a film],” she said, "and now all I want to do is a British accent."

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