Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Video Previews Her Space Trip With Russell Brand

'Russell and I are interested in anything extraterrestrial,' she tells MTV News of upcoming Virgin Galactic adventure.

Late last year, Katy Perry made headlines when it was revealed that she had purchased then-fiancé Russell Brand a trip to outer space, aboard Virgin Galactic, the commercial space line owned by British billionaire Richard Branson.

The ticket -- which reportedly cost an eye-opening $200,000 -- has yet to be cashed in, as Virgin Galactic is still in the testing phases. But, in the time since those initial reports began circulating, it looks like Perry has bought a second ticket to space -- this one for herself. And, as she told MTV News, that made her [article id="1661051"]brand-new "E.T." video[/article] all the more important -- because, in some way, it was sort of a dry run for her trip to the outer reaches.

"I'm so into extraterrestrial stuff. ... It's very difficult for me to look up into the sky in the middle of the night and not think that our planet is one of ... a bajillion. It's really, really small," she told MTV News' Sway during the "MTV First: Katy Perry's 'E.T.' " live stream. "And Russell and I are interested in anything extraterrestrial. I mean, we're going to space!

"We're really excited. ... There's a group of people that work with Richard Branson, and he does the Virgin flights, and for Russell's birthday, I got him a flight to space. Because I just thought, 'What else can I give this man? He's had every experience in the world, but not a trip to space!' " she continued. "And so he's also always searching for what is beyond this world, and we both kind of have this same vision and are always looking for more. It will be really exciting. It's like a half-a-day trip. I think there's a lot of people who are signed up for this experience."

Of course, Perry didn't actually go into orbit for the "E.T." video, but given the sheer amount of [article id="1661011"]time she spent in makeup[/article] and wardrobe, the whole experience was sort of like preparing for extended deep-space travel.

"It was, like, five and six hours, each makeup look," Perry said. "It was hard for me! It was really a patience thing for me on this video. But, you know, it's like when you're doing a film. Sometimes you have to do prosthetics, and you have to get really old or turn into an animal or a monster -- and that's kind of what this process was."

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