The 'Mad Men' Cast Reveal What They Stole From The Set

... And what costumes they <i>never</i> want to see again.

With reporting by Nicole Pajer

It's hard to believe, but on Sunday night (May 17), the world of "Mad Men" will exit our lives forever. That means no more Don (Jon Hamm), no more Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), no more '60s workplace sexism, and of course, no more colorful, iconic period costumes. (Though for Peggy, this might be kind of a godsend.)

When MTV News sat down with the "Mad Men" cast ahead of the season premiere, we just had to ask which of these costumes they would miss the most -- or in some cases, even stole from set -- and which they were ready and willing to throw away forever. Find out what they had to say below!

Jon Hamm


"Don's suits are pretty impeccable, and beautiful, and fortunately tailored very well to me. But they are a very different cut than in fashionable now. It's hard to walk around in '60s gear and not look like you're trying a little too hard. But it's all the stuff that he got to wear was very nice, with the exception of any bathing suit. Those were hideous... man, I'm glad I don't have to pull my bathing suit up to my belly button. That's a bad look."

Christina Hendricks


"I definitely took Joan's pen necklace that she was sort of famous for wearing through many of the seasons, so I have that at home. And what was I ready to get rid of? There were some things that happened in the middle of our run, the mid-'60s were not my favorite time. There were some collars and some colors... when it started to get the big butterfly colors on the blouses, I was out. Never made it in my wardrobe in real life, ever."

Kiernan Shipka


"Oh my gosh. Well, as far as having to keep any clothing items, I was not able to, just because they're all rented for the most part. But over the years, I have one pair of shoes, they were back-up go-go boots -- which is just such a fun thing to say. I took Sally's necklace as well that she always wears. The pants are not the most comfortable, I'll be the first to say... there's not much that I didn't like."

John Slattery


I took the desk lamp that was on my desk in my office. I've had enough three-piece suits for a lifetime, maybe. We were cinched in to all that stuff. That, and the fake cigarettes -- herbal cigarettes, that would probably be the first thing I could say goodbye to forever."

January Jones


"I didn't take anything. I wish I had taken the dress that Betty wore to the Coca-Cola audition in season one, but I wasn't allowed to... it was stolen, or something. We weren't allowed to take anything... maybe [I'd throw out] the girdles. There was a love/hate relationship, there."

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