Katy Perry Tweets About 'Sparkling' New Music Video

Perry reveals new details about video for the next single from 'Teenage Dream.'

While she's keeping the name of the tune a mystery, [article id="1647784"]Katy Perry[/article] is tweeting about what fans can expect from the next video off her Teenage Dream album.

"About to start sparkling in my new music video," she tweeted on Tuesday, adding later on, "And that's a 6am wrap! Need to recharge now so I sparkle just as much for tomorrow. I gotta show em what I'm worth. Make them go ahhhh!"

She updated fans on the clip's progress on Wednesday, writing, "Day TWO of music video! Not gonna stop shooting till the sun comes up cause we are a LIGHT in a dark place!" She wrapped the shoot late Wednesday, giving some more hints at what the video and the song might be. "I want to thank all the magical people that brought their sparks to this video the past few days ... your light reminded me of my purpose."

The pop star has been open about wanting to create eye-popping videos for this album, which she's hoping to support with a flashy new stage show. "I guess I'm looking forward to making music videos on this new album ... and I'm really excited about incorporating the look and the idea of some of the songs on tour and making a massive production of it," [article id="1646972"]Perry told MTV News[/article]. "I'm gonna want a lot of visuals. I want it to be 10 times better than when I was on tour last."

While nothing is confirmed, the hints about the new clip might lead fans to think that Perry's next single could be the track "Firework," which she's said is her [article id="1646332"]favorite song on Teenage Dream[/article].

"People are coming back and almost adopting it as their own anthem, and it's hard, I think, to write an anthem that's not cheesy," she explained. "And I hope that this could be something in that category. I hope this could be one of those things where it's like, 'Yeah, I want to put my fist up and feel proud and feel strong.'

"But I also don't want to be cheesy," she reiterated. "It's a fine line, and I think 'Firework' ... would be like the opus or my one song -- if I had to pick a song to play -- 'cause it has a great beat. But it also has a fantastic message."

What Katy Perry song do you want her to make a video for next? Talk about it in the comments.

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