Q-Tip Explains His Issues With A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

'It's not only Tribe's story; it's all of ours,' MC says of his concerns.

Last week, Q-Tip stirred things up online when he tweeted that [article id="1653481"]he was not in support of Michael Rapaport's A Tribe Called Quest documentary[/article]. The MC and the director remained silent on the matter, refusing interview requests from a number of outlets.

On Tuesday (December 7), however, Q-Tip appeared on satellite-radio station Shade 45's morning show and explained his message. The veteran lyricist spoke with fill-in host Elliott Wilson of Rap Radar and said his opinion has nothing to do with his group being the focus of the doc, but with his role as a producer.

"I'm a producer on this film; Tribe is a producer on this film," he said. "When I speak, I'm speaking for the whole group. A lot of people think I'm speaking individually, even though I addressed it as 'I'm not supporting' it. In reality, as producers, there's just different things that need to be done, edit-wise. The sentiment of the film is there. We feel like it's 80 percent there. It's just not there [all the way]."

The Tribe MC said he and his groupmates have a final say over the project, per the agreement they made with Rapaport, an actor and first-time filmmaker. Although Tip wouldn't specify the exact nature of his discomfort with the project, he said because the project is the first of its kind -- "an extensive cinematic documentary about a hip-hop group" -- it's more than just a Tribe issue.

"There's so much riding on this," he said. "It's not only Tribe's story; it's all of ours. So we got to make sure sh-- is done right."

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