Semi Precious Weapons: 'We Owe Our Lives To Lady Gaga'

'We've been playing shows with Gaga since 2006,' frontman Justin Tranter says.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] may be busy prepping the release of her eagerly anticipated [article id="1633346"]new video "Telephone,"[/article] but it seems she still has time to help out a band of fellow New Yorkers -- the fashionista superstar has been quietly working to introduce the world to Semi Precious Weapons.

However, these dirty rockers are not new to the game -- Semi Precious Weapons have been a staple of the New York party scene for a few years now, bringing their unique formula of rock music, high fashion and "good old-fashioned filth."

Now the guys find themselves playing to different sort of crowd. "The last four months for us have been insane," lead singer Justin Tranter told MTV News recently. "We've gone from a band that plays in bars, driving ourselves to every show, selling our own merch ... to opening for [Lady Gaga] all over the world."

It doesn't stop at opening for Lady Gaga -- the current first lady of pop also helped the boys get signed to a major label and is providing an assist on their upcoming album as an executive producer. So why all the goodwill from Gaga? Well, not too long ago the roles were reversed.

"We've been playing shows with Gaga since 2006," Justin recalled. "Her first couple of shows as Lady Gaga in NYC were [article id="1631996"]opening for us[/article]."

Although the tables have now clearly turned, the boys from Semi Precious Weapons couldn't be more appreciative of the opportunity that they've been given. "We pretty much owe our lives to Lady Gaga!"

But just because SPW are opening for Gaga and now have a major label deal, don't expect their raw rock sound to be tempered -- they promise to keep their edge plenty sharp. "People don't really know what rock and roll is anymore," the band stated plainly. "You can't call it rock and roll unless it's dangerous, unless it's offensive."

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