Need Help Saving Money? These Cats Want To Teach You Purrrsonal Finance

Meet your new feline financial advisers.

Our generation came of age during the worst economic meltdown since 1929. Together we've experienced the devaluation of our college degrees, the mass reclassification of full-time jobs to unpaid (or barely paid) internships, and the skyrocketing of rents in cities where jobs still exist.

No wonder 93% of millennials lack confidence in the market, and we score much lower than older generations on financial knowledge, according to CNNMoney. But ignorance is costly, and if we don't learn about this stuff now, experts predict we'll retire at an average age of 104.

Fortunately, the artistocats of, an exclusive online VIP room for the world's high net worth felines -- follow them on Instagram and Twitter -- are here to share the secrets of the 1 percent, luxuriating with their Fancy Feast and self-flushing litter boxes. Let's all study up, because a paw-ny saved is a paw-ny earned (sorry, but the puns are only going to get worse):

buy clothes
never win
Plan Your Expenses
invest for you 2
Keep a health savings account
trade currency airport
mark territory 3
dont lend knead
sleep better 4

And always remember...

meow money meow problems

Photos courtesy of Cashcats, captions by Marty Beckerman and Evan Scott Schwartz. Follow Cashcats on Instagram, Twitter and