This 'Breaking Bad' Reunion Video Is A Work Of Art

The reason it is barely legal is not at all what you might think.

Oh my jeez, stop it. Somebody call the Museum of the Moving Image because this? This right here? This is everything good and should be immortalized. This is "Breaking Bad" meets "Veep" meets reality television parody-levels of good. In fact, we'd call it small screen art.

Because that's exactly what it is, packaged as an Emmy Award promo featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Julia Louis-Dreyfus ...and a very special, very adorable surprise guest at the end (bitch).

This video could go up in a museum, for giving us beauty such as this. The best things in life truly are free, folks. Or at least are free to us, the viewers on the Internet for whom this advertisement to watch the 2014 Emmy Awards was made.

Because I mean just look at these moments of flawless perfection:

It feels good just to look at it, doesn't it?

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