All Hail Kristen Stewart, Queen Of Force-Feeding Finn Wittrock Spaghetti

The pair dine out (and make out) in Interpol's new video

During his tenure on American Horror Story from 2014 to 2016, Finn Wittrock very notably got to roll around with Lady Gaga in a haunted hotel room in the throes of passion. It's a series highlight for sure. But one thing Wittrock has never had the opportunity to do is venture into the realm of romancing vampires — namely via Bella Swan herself, Kristen Stewart.

If anyone ever wanted to see these two make out — or, say, involve pasta in some kind of humiliating roleplay in the middle of a smoky cocktail club — they had to use their imaginations. Until today! The latest music video from New York post-punk lifers Interpol features Stewart and Wittrock doing exactly that, and somehow even more.

The song's called "If You Really Love Nothing," and its smoke-tinged opening credits bill it as a film (from director Hala Matar). It's really just five minutes of Stewart doing whatever the hell she wants around a bar/restaurant, and most of those actions are hazardous to the folks around her, including Wittrock. By the end, let's just say he's not really in a good place.

But before that, it's a party! They greet each other outside (after she rolls up in the trunk of a vintage car) and immediately start making out before she eventually feeds him spaghetti and meatballs, makes him chug whiskey, and abandons him pretty flagrantly. It's a wild ride, man, and because it's all led by Stewart, it's obviously engrossing as hell.

Real-life, non-video Stewart stars alongside Chloe Sevigny (who appeared with Wittrock in AHS: Hotel) in the upcoming murderous Lizzie Borden retelling, Lizzie; plus, her breakout series Twilight is celebrating 10 years on the big screen with a new bundled home release.

Wittrock, meanwhile, appears in If Beale Street Could Talk, the new project from Moonlight director Barry Jenkins, set to premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival. If this is indeed the only occasion these two work together, well, at least we'll always have the memories.


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