This 'Stretch' Trailer Is Headed To Crazy Town, And Patrick Wilson Is Driving

Hey, Jason Statham: it's time to pass the 'Transporter' mantle.

Leave it to "A-Team" and "Smokin' Aces" director Joe Carnahan to take a simple premise and turn it into a wild, adrenaline-infused whirlwind.

We're talking, specifically, about the trailer for his upcoming film "Stretch," starring Patrick Wilson as a limo driver wrenched from his mundane life by the desperate need to pay off $6,000 in gambling debts in one day.

The movie is giving us a total "After Hours" vibe – Wilson's search for cash starts with a seemingly benign suggestion from a pal (played by Jessica Alba): drive a "completely nuts" billionaire named Roger Caros (Chris Pine), who tips in the thousands.

His quest devolves into a nightmare of drugs, guns, murder, stolen vehicles and similar mayhem. Look, if the dude you're driving doesn't know who Charlie Sheen can bet he's pretty nuts by comparison.

"Stretch" hits Amazon and iTunes on October 7 and VOD on October 14.