Angus T. Jones, Miranda Cosgrove And Selena Gomez Lead TV's Highest Earning Teens List

If that number seems a bit absurdly high, don't worry, because that type of salary is not the norm. "iCarly" leading lady Miranda Cosgrove (also 16) lands at number two with $180,000 per episode, but after that the income of the young stars quickly drops off into potentially more reasonable levels.

Selena Gomez comes in at third place with $25,000 per episode, Dylan and Cole Sprouse of "The Suite Life" get $20,000 a piece and Keke Palmer gets $20,000 for each episode of "True Jackson." Yes, that means Miley Cyrus lands all the way at number six with what, in context, is a surprisingly low $15,000 per "Hannah Montana" episode.

Miley is worth a billion but shes not making a billion on TV, said a high-placed industry source in the NY Post article. But her franchise is worth a billion.

They went on to figure that, with commissions going out to agents, managers and into the mandatory Coogan Account, the young stars only see about 30 to 40 percent of each episode's paycheck. While that means that Selena and Miley are only seeing about $6,000 to $10,000 of their salary each week, Angus is still raking in about $100,000 in money to burn per episode. We wish we made that kind of money now, let alone when we were 16!

Here's the full list of stars and how much money they're making:

1. Angus T. Jones, 16

"Two and a Half Men"


2. Miranda Cosgrove, 16



3. Selena Gomez, 17

"Wizards of Waverly Place"


4. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, 17

"The Suite Life"

$20,000 each

5. Keke Palmer, 16

"True Jackson"


6. Miley Cyrus, 17

"Hannah Montana"


7. Rico Rodriguez, 11

"Modern Family"


8. Demi Lovato, 17

"Sonny With a Chance"


9. Victoria Justice, 17



10. Atticus Shaffer, 11

"The Middle"


What do you think of these high salaries? Does the ranking surprise you?