Twi-Fight Final Four Is All Vampires, All The Time

Only Edward, Bella, Jasper and Kate remain in our battle for the title of #1 'Twilight' character.

First they dispatched the Wolf Pack. Then they did away with the sole-surviving human. Now, the vampires of "Twilight" are left to sink their teeth into each other, as the Final Four round of MTV News' epic Twi-Fight Saga begins today.

Despite fervent support from Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner, Bella's dad and everyone's favorite Forks sheriff, Charlie Swan, fell to daughter Bella in the Elite Eight. (He was the second parent to succumb to the newborn vamp, who faced and defeated mom Renee in the second round of voting.) Also booted out of the competition is Tanya, who was bested by Denali coven kin Kate; Alice, who was trounced by husband Jasper (seriously, it wasn't even close); and Esme, whose adoptive son Edward was anything but doting when he undid her handily.

Which all brings us to today's kick-off of the Final Four. In a surprise pairing (because, seriously, who thought Kate would get this far?), Edward will face off against the Denali dame, while bride Bella will take brother-in-law Jasper to task.

Voting in the Final Four will continue through November 8, when the top two vote-getters will be revealed and the Championship Round will begin. The last character standing come November 12 will be crowned the #1 "Twilight" character for all vampires, werewolves and humans to revere.

It's all up to you, Twilighters. Is Edward's perfect coiffure deserving of a top stop in our bracket? Is Bella badass enough to make it to the end? Or will Kate and Jasper pull an unexpected upset? Click on over to now to cast your vote!

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