Kanye West's VMA Interruption Gives Birth To Internet Photo Meme

Kanye West's stage-crashing appearance at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards made the Internet explode with tweets, blog rants and at least one video mash-up. Reactions, condemnations and parodies move as quickly as people can conceive them.

Though West has repeatedly apologized (and finally called Swift himself yesterday, seemingly putting the beef to bed), the Web still hasn't forgiven him, and anybody with access to Photoshop is not going to let him off the hook that easily. West's interruption has created a meme that sees West interrupting any number of events, each time telling somebody that he'll let him or her finish and then talking about how much better something else is. For example, West drops in on Shaquille O'Neal shooting a foul shot and says, "I know you about to miss this free throw and I'm gonna let you finish, but Ray Allen has one of the best free throw percentages of all time!" He also dropped in on the moon landing, telling Neal Armstrong, "I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Russia had one of the best space programs of all time!" He explains to Dr. King, "Last night I had one of the best dreams of all time!" And he even puts down Edward Cullen, saying, "Edward, I'm very happy for you and I'm gonna let you sparkle, but 'True Blood' has some of the best vampires of all time!"

Of course, like any good Internet meme, it eventually comes back to eat itself, as evidenced by this photo of Kanye interrupting his own interruption. And like any good Internet phenomenon, there's also a fake Twitter account that drops interruptions on various things, like "I'ma rent 'Signs' again but my haircut had some of the best crop circles of all time!" and "Yo @DrakkardNoir I'm really happy for your @DrakesKnee recovery, Ima let you finish but Ben Carson had one of the best surgeries of all time!"

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