Lovebirds Ariana Grande And Big Sean Snuck Away On A Snowy Holiday Vacation

The couple spent some quality time together in the winter wonderland that is Lake Tahoe.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean seem to have figured out how to balance their celebrity and romantic lives with perfect precision. 2014 saw their journey from "friends" to dating, to all-out adorable love birds, and they seem to be starting off 2015 on that same note.

To kick off the new year the musical couple went on a snowy get away to Lake Tahoe, posting multiple pictures of their wintry trip to Instagram:

First there's the quintessential couple pic... or wait, maybe this is Ari poking fun at the rumors that she likes to be carried everywhere?

Nice troll Grande, I see you.

Then there's the goofy couple pic, with Ariana serving her kissy face:

And Big Sean was the one who posted the full-blown adorableness! Awww, these two make me believe in love again.

"Man I had da best time in Tahoe last week," he captioned the photo. Okay Sean, we know you gotta save face but we'll let you work on the romantic captions a bit more during 2015.

His gushing girlfriend still reposted the pic though—these two just work together:

And further perusal of Sean's Instagrams from the trip reveal that they were actually out on the mountain, hitting the powder:

Like, literally hitting it.

Decked out in full ski gear:

Or is it snowboarding gear? Snowmobiling? I've only been skiing once so I honestly can't tell.

And time to head home!

Pretty sure Ariana took this pic, guys.

That looks like a winter wonderland vacation to remember. Can't wait to see what else these two do together in 2015! I'm sure whatever it is, it'll be adorable.