Haim Reveal How A Car Accident Inspired Their 'Want You Back' Video

Haim talks to MTV News about their Something To Tell You lead single

The age of The Visual Album™ is great and all, but not every music video needs to be steeped in plot. Sometimes a single tracking shot is more than enough. No release of 2017 (so far) better exemplifies this than Haim's gorgeously minimalist "Want You Back," but as the band revealed to MTV News, that wasn't the original concept for the video.

"We wanted it to be on Ventura Boulevard because that's where we're from, and some of our favorite videos took place in and around there like 'Free Fallin'' from Tom Petty," Danielle Haim told MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson. "It's literally where we ended up recording our video, that corner."

Since the cherry picker idea was already taken by Petty, Haim's original concept for the "Want You Back" video featured them driving down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, pulling off car stunts and donut drifts in the middle of the intersection. However, after an early test drive ended in a wreck (no one was hurt!), they decided to go back to the drawing board.

"After a week of being like, 'So, that didn't work,' [we thought] 'What is a safer thing we could do?'" Alana explained, "We could walk!" The result was the Jake Schreier-directed video as we know it now, with the trio marching and shimmying down Ventura at dawn.

The "Want You Back" video is striking in its simplicity, and adding to its impressiveness, it all goes down in a single take. (Take 14 of 15, to be exact.) Throughout, the Haim sisters somehow read both coolly aspirational and goofily accessible. And of course, the sheer impossibility of seeing a Los Angeles street unmarred by a single car is its own kind of feat.

"Want You Back" is the lead single off Haim's second album Something To Tell You which comes out July 7.