Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin Explain Steamy 'Remember Me' Shower Scene

'It's pretty forward for a second date!' Pattinson says of the playful exchange.

It all started with an exclusive [movie id="430301"]"Remember Me"[/movie] photo MTV News debuted in early February of Robert Pattinson and Emile de Ravin fully clothed, soaking wet and kind of wrestling with each other in the shower. The pic alone set commenters on fire, and days later, when footage of the scene appeared online, fans re-posted it all over the place. Naturally, when MTV News had a chance to chat with both stars at the red carpet of the New York [article id="1632934"]"Remember Me" premiere[/article] on Monday night, we had to ask them to explain the steamy shower scene in their own words.

"It was our second date and he'd cooked dinner," said [article id="1629987"]de Ravin, who plays Ally Craig[/article], a college student who for falls for [article id="1632821"]RPattz's rebellious Tyler Hawkins[/article].

"I don't really know how to explain it," Pattinson laughed. "It's pretty forward for a second date!"

The action gets started as Ally and Tyler are in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and talking about school. Ally decides she doesn't like how her date is washing the dishes, and Tyler seems to think it's a good opportunity to get her soaked.

"He decides to playfully spray me with the water hose in the kitchen, and I dump a [pitcher] of water over him, and he takes me in the shower, and we end up fighting 'cause he's trying to spray me down again," de Ravin said.

Your standard second date, huh?

"For me, anyway," she laughed.

But in the film, her character is rather less amused at first. "So this is the whole playful, you get me all wet part?" Ally says.

"You make it sound cheap," says Tyler.

"It is cheap," she replies. "I've seen this scene a hundred times."

Indeed, Pattinson was initially worried that the scene would come off as corny. But after watching how it came together, he was relieved. "It's almost impossible not to make it cheesy as well," he said. "I don't think it is very cheesy at the end of the day, luckily, thank god, in context."

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