'Fifty Shades' Author E.L. James Got Twitter-Whipped During Her Q&A Session

Yow, that had to hurt.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James inadvertently submitted to a painful public social media lashing today (June 29) when the hashtag #AskELJames went global and excited the ire of hundreds of non-Christian Grey worshipers among the Twittersphere who totally had their wordwhips at the ready.

So, what started out as an innocent interview session - ahem - quickly devolved into a red room-style brutality lair with no safety word to call it off. So, the abuse was long. And hard.

The stinging e-chat took place online for Twitter Books -- and let's just say she didn't quite know what she was consenting to when she came to this game.

You might want to strap into your chairs for this one.

See, some people knew it was a bad (but also great) idea long before it happened.

Because others were planning to take full advantage of the access.

Which means it was pretty much fated to be cray from the start.

Because there are a lot of people who want her to step up her IRL game when it comes to sexual abuse.

And also, there are some people who really want to know the specific rules on how stalking can somehow turn sexy.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of tweeters who don't want her to forget those "Twilight" fanfic roots.

A lot of English majors were in the crowd today as well.

Plus, some people just wanted it to hurt.

And then there was this woman, who tied it all together with a mic drop.

Which made the GIF work solid AF.

OUCH. For her and for everyone else who was reducing to floor-rolling as a result of all the epic mercilessness #AskELJames brought into the world today. So. Much. BURN.

To be fair, though, James herself threw out a bit of a zing as well, giving the world her "salud" send-off after what she called "an interesting hour" and of course the pic was of some people toasting fancy spirits that her bajillions of "Grey" dollars must have bought.

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