FYI: Tyler Hoechlin Has A Very, Very Thick Mustache Now

Also may be the most awesome person ever.

If you haven't fallen in love with Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin yet, you're about to. Sure, we're obsessed with him as the mysterious, werewolf-transforming Derek Hale on our favorite supernatural drama, but IRL, Tyler is anything but scary. In fact, this weekend at Howler Con, he decided to sport the thickest mustache of all time, and we love him even more for it.

Yep, our boy ditched his signature dark stubble for a super dense ’stache paired with sideburns and a newsboy cap. Is it for a role? Just for fun? Is he trying to warm up for the winter season? We may never know, but we will say that he mustache was definitely the star of his fan photo ops. Check it out in all its beautiful glory below.

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