Marge Simpson To Animate 'Playboy' Cover

'The Simpsons' matriarch also gets a three-page spread in November issue.

For decades, Playboy magazine has been criticized for portraying a cartoonish version of the female form that isn't based in reality. Now, the magazine is going all-in and putting an actual cartoon woman on its cover -- a blue-haired mother of three, no less.

No, Hugh Hefner and company have not lost it; they're just paying homage to the ultimate MILD (mother I'd like to draw), Springfield's own über-matron, Marge Simpson. As part of a new effort by the magazine to reposition itself and draw in younger readers, "The Simpsons" matriarch will become the first-ever cartoon cover girl and centerfold when she graces the front page of the November issue, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The issue, with the tagline "The Devil in Marge Simpson," will hit newsstands on October 16 and feature Marge in the nude behind a strategically placed chair on the cover (which you can preview at and in a three-page pictorial that a magazine spokesperson described as "sexy" with "implied nudity." Though Marge will peek out from newsstands, subscribers will get a celebrity on the cover instead of the Simpsons' matriarch.

In an ironic twist that only a Krusty Burger-craving "Simpsons" fanatic could love, the move to put Marge on the cover is the first big change brought about by the company's new CEO ... wait for it ... Scott Flanders. (For the uninitiated: He happens to share a last name with the title family's annoyingly peppy, spectacularly bland neighbor, Ned Flanders.)

The new bunny boss said in an interview on Thursday that the cartoon cover is "obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek," explaining that "it had never been done, and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual."

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