Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O Talks 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Singer talks about Spike Jonze's controversial film of Maurice Sendak's book.

Late last month, the Interwebs went berserk when the trailer for [article id="1607833"]Spike Jonze's much-discussed "Where the Wild Things Are" [/article]premiered on Apple's Movie Trailer site.

For some, it offered assurance that -- despite some rather frightening advance press -- the film would remain true to author Maurice Sendak's whimsical-yet-dark tone. To others, the re-recorded version of the Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" provided a sneak peek into the indie-riffic score, which was [article id="1582898"]rumored to have been crafted by Yeah Yeah Yeahs' frontwoman Karen O and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox. [/article]

It was confirmed in the trailer that O and musician Carter Burwell would be tackling the "Wild Things" score ... but the YYY mouthpiece has kept mum about just what that score would sound like, and her involvement with the film -- until Tuesday, that is.

In London to promote the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new album, It's Blitz, she was asked by MTV U.K. about the trailer, just how she came to be involved in the project, and the music she created for the "Wild Things" film.

"I guess I got involved because of Spike, because I guess there is a childlike innocence about my music or my persona or whatever that he always just kind of dialed into," O said. "So I guess he thought I should make music for 'Where the Wild Things Are,' and [so] I kind of assembled a group of mostly rock musicians to make the music, including [YYY's guitarist/keyboardist] Nick [Zinner] and [YYYs drummer] Brian [Chase] to play on it. It was a really amazing experience."

And just what will the "Wild Things" score sound like? Well, she wasn't about to divulge all her secrets. But she has seen the film, and she thinks long-suffering fans are going to love what Jonze has done with it -- so long as they're prepared for the impossible.

"What Spike has accomplished with the film is basically the impossible. There's a lot of stuff that they told me he couldn't do that he did anyway," she said. "It was a really inspiring and exciting thing to be a part of."