T-Pain Has Left Fans Thoroughly Shook After Clarifying His ‘Buy U A Drank’ Lyrics

You've also been singing 'All I Do Is Win' wrong this whole time

This just in: Everything you know is a lie.

Well… at least, everything you know about T-Pain’s classic hit “Buy U A Drank” and his memorable hook on DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” In the midst of promoting his latest album, Oblivion, the autotune god has revisited his old hits and rectified some common lyrical mistakes. Get ready to have your mind blown.

First, T-Pain hit us with this memory-altering revelation: In the chorus of “Buy U A Drank,” he sings, “I’ma buy you a drank / And then, I'ma take you home with me” instead of, “Ooh wee, I'ma take you home with me,” as we've all been singing for THE PAST FREAKIN’ DECADE.

Then, T-Pain took things a step further by revealing that the most quotable part of “All I Do Is Win” is totally different, too. Chances are, you’ve been singing, “Everybody's hands go up / And they stay there / And they stay there / And they stay there.” Turns out, though, there’s a “And they say yeah” sandwiched between those first and third “And they stay theres.” Crazy but true.

Listening to both songs with this new information, you can definitely hear the “and then” and the “and they say yeah” pretty clearly. So there you have it: T-Pain’s right about his own music, and the rest of us are all wrong.