Watch This Teen Break The Rubik's Cube World Record In Under 6 Seconds

He solved the puzzle in an astounding 5.25 seconds.

Five seconds is not much time to do anything. It's just a shade longer than an NFL player's 40-yard dash. It's the maximum amount of time you have to pick up food off the ground and still eat it without being ostracized. And for teenager Collin Burns, it's all the time he needed to set a new world record for solving the famously difficult Rubik's Cube.



On Saturday (April 25), Burns was in an official World Cube Association competition at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Watch him attack the puzzle with the speed of a hummingbird and match up each side in a mere 5.253 seconds:

Everyone goes nuts once they realize they just witnessed a record-breaking feat. A WCA official confirmed to Mashable that the time stands and Burns officially holds the world record in the 3x3x3 single solve category. The previous record of 5.55 seconds was set by Mats Valk from the Netherlands in 2013.

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