Did 50 Cent Take Beef Too Far With Threat To DJ Khaled's Mother?

Fif posts, and then removes, online video claiming to show Khaled's mother's home and workplace.

It went deeper than rap, and in many people's minds, it crossed the line of hip-hop battling. On Wednesday, [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] released a dis video on called "A Psychic Told Me," in which he threatens [artist id="1800901"]DJ Khaled[/artist] and his mother.

In the clip, 50 is sitting down in the studio, writing a poem, then the footage switches to a house that he claims belongs to Khaled's mom. Later, 50 says he knows where DJ Khaled lives and all but takes responsibility for the DJ's car tires recently being slashed. Then the video shows some men in T-Shirts arriving at Khaled's mother's purported workplace. The woman they claim is the DJ's mother is asleep at a desk, as the cameraman zooms in on photos of Khaled and Fat Joe. At the end of the video, 50 declares he has "less compassion than the average human." He crumples the poem he was working on, a logo comes on the screen and there is the sound of gunshots.

Viewers were left in a state of shock, as the clip seems to indicate that the [article id="1604775"]beef between 50, Rick Ross and Khaled[/article] has taken an uglier turn.

Meanwhile, both Khaled and Ross were in New York on Thursday, shooting a video that had nothing to do with hip-hop quarrels, but in fact promoted unity. The two Miami hip-hop staples joined Fabolous, Ludacris and Juelz Santana for The-Dream's video for the remix of "Rockin' That Thang."

On the set, Khaled refused to address the 50 issue. "I'm not gonna let him bait me," he said. But Ricky Ross had plenty to say on the latest round.

"I'mma be honest; I didn't have a reaction," Ross said. "Watching that, understanding the monkey, it's like its no threat whatsoever. ... To me, it's a sign of reassuring you're people's safety. Where I come from, Gs, if they had that information [of where your enemies and their families live], I'm not exposing nothing. I'm acting like I don't know nothing. To the real Gs, they don't even watch it or entertain it. ... Khaled, his mom knows she's safe. All the Gs worldwide know what it is, and it gets no points."

In his defense, 50 told radio personality Miss Info that his threat to Khaled's mom was in response to, a site promoting Ross' album that had featured a picture of Fif's son Marquise Photoshopped on the head of a monkey.

"How come everyone hears the shot, but nobody sees the slap before the shot?" 50 asked Miss Info. He also further explained his fight strategy: "You push, I punch. You stab, I shoot."

Info says Ross' camp denied having anything to do with, which has since apparently been hacked. It now appears to be a site for a sex shop that is streaming 50's own "Pimpin' Curly" spoof video, in which he wears a wig and plays a crude pimp, apparently responding to [article id="1604523"]Ross' dis record, "Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly."[/article]

The video of the threat to Khaled and his mom was removed from ThisIs50 on Thursday. In the meantime, however, 50 released a new dis record called "Tia Told Me," referring to Tia Kemp, Ross' baby's mother. The G-Unit also just dropped a dis video for "I'll Be the Shooter."

At press time, reps for 50 Cent had no comment on the situation.