13 Manly Celebs You'll Be Surprised To Learn Are Giant Feminists

These alpha males are outspoken about the importance of girl power.

Feminism is all about equality and breaking stereotypes, so perhaps it's time to stop assuming that just because a guy is a professional athlete or a beloved Bond he's not also an advocate for equal rights. These alpha males are big time outspoken about the importance of girl power.

Gordon Ramsay

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Celeb chef Ramsay is known for his harsh criticisms and "tell it like it is" attitude, and he's using his outspoken nature to speak up for women. Ramsay is the ambassador of the charity Women's Aid, which works to end domestic violence.

Ben Stiller

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Comedy powerhouse Ben Stiller may seem like a bro through and through, but in interviews, like this one in TimeOut Dubai, he's spoken out against the sexism that he's witnessed in the world of comedy, noting, "Men want to see women in a certain light, it’s subconscious and they’re not even aware of it. It has to do with men’s outlook on women. Hopefully that will change."

Jon Hamm

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Hamm rose to fame with his portrayal of Don Draper, the womanizing ad executive who typifies all that was sexist about the 1960s. In real life, however, the actor's views toward women couldn't be further from Drapers. He has spoken out publicly about ending sexual assault and has derided the type of sexist behavior that "Mad Men" so accurately depicts: "The women who did work were treated as second-class citizens, because it was a male-dominated society."

Richard Sherman

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The outspoken Seahawks cornerback has a decidedly rational take on women's issues. He's been quoted as saying that he's never been to a strip club, and that "women can do anything they want in this world." He also has a crush on Queen Feminist Beyoncé.

Keith Urban

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Cowboys and feminists may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but Mr. Nicole Kidman has been vocal about his quest to end domestic violence, and he took an oath to “never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women."

Chris Kluwe

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This former Minnesota Vikings punter has no problem tackling misogyny. He recently told the people behind #Gamergate, a harshly ant-feminist movement, that he hoped they all picked up "a debilitating case of genital warts."

Prince Harry

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Prince Harry In Afghanistan

Royal bad boy Prince Harry has made waves in the news with pictures of his epic parties , but when it comes to equal treatment for women, Harry has some seriously mature ideas. He's been vocal about the importance of empowering women because he believes, "When women are empowered, they immeasurably improve the lives of everyone around them."

Daniel Craig

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Yes, it's true. James Bond likes societal views about women shaken and stirred. In 2011, Craig traded his tuxedo for a dress when he lent his talents to a short film about gender equality that was released for International Women's Day.

Richard Branson

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When this billionaire and indisputable cool guy isn't pranking us by announcing that his Virgin airlines will soon offer glass bottomed planes, he's donating his time and money to helping humanity at large. He's a major advocate for the Ring the Bell campaign, which seeks to end sexual violence world wide.

Ashton Kutcher

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This actor and Silicon Valley mogul isn't punking us when he says he's serious about equality. He spoke out against the trafficking of sex workers in a PSA he made with then-wife Demi Moore, and is a co-founder of Thorn, a non-profit aimed at stopping sex slavery.

Mick Foley

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Foley made a name for himself as a WWE superstar, but he now spends a large amount of his time as a passionate activist for women's rights issues. He has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for RAINN, and is an associate producer on the upcoming documentary the UnSlut Project, which seeks to put an end to slut-shaming.

Justin Timberlake

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As if this singer/actor/dancer/golfer needed another way to look like the ideal man, Justin Timberlake was an integral part of the "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" campaign.

Don McPherson

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This former quarterback, who now works as a sports commentator for SportsNet, is a tireless advocate for women's issues. He tours the country giving speeches on the importance of gender equality, and explained on his own site that he happily accepts the label of feminist: "To me, a feminist is someone who cares about women and the issues that impact their lives."