Zayn Just Teased 30 Seconds Of Totally Hypnotizing New Music

A ‘lil taster’ of what’s to come

Nearly a year after the release of his debut solo album, Mind of Mine, Zayn has released a 30-second clip of new music that we'd like to curl up inside of forever.

The former One Direction singer recently changed his profile picture to a black-and-white photo of himself smoking, which already heralded a new era of Zayn. But now he's got actual music to back up the change, and it's hypnotizing in a way we haven't heard from him before.

The clip features a loop of heavily processed, high-pitched singing with no other instruments or beats. Zayn called it a "lil taster" and promised that there's "more to come."

He also took a minute to scold fans for using profane language to express their excitement about the new tunes.

Get hyped, but keep it clean.