Had a First Name, Yoda Did

Just when we thought there was not single drop of juice left to squeeze from the "Star Wars" fruit of information, so wrong we were. As it turns out, master Yoda was originally meant to have a relatively wimpy little first name.

Sho'nuff, space cadets.

Those Jedi knights over at Blastr pieced together a boatload of little-known facts about George Lucas' long-lived intergalactic series and at the tippy top of the list is this: Lucas intended Yoda to be a surname, with his first name being ... wait for it ... Minch.

Yeah, Minch Yoda was what that lovable three-fingered Force monger would've been called under Lucas' original "Star Wars" scheme — the interwebs tell us that "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" even had him listed as simply Minch in early script drafts — but fortunately, Lucas thought better of it. Paul Lee instead assigned the Minch moniker to another character from Yoda's species, buried deep in the "Star Wars Tales" comic series (in #16, "Heart of Darkness," for those curious).

It's a good thing, too, 'cause could you imagine callin' this rump-kicking, parable-slinging warrior Minch?

Seriously, Minch. Minch Yoda.

No. Just no.

Boggles, the mind does.